May 25, 2019
  • 12:34 pm Martin Licis Found In Apartment With Illegal Anime Goods
  • 12:33 am Japanese Cat Cafe Undergoes Extensive Examination
  • 8:55 pm AI-Powered Degutter and Meat Grinder Ravage Philadelphia
  • 8:38 am Teenager Helps Local Farmer Create AI-Powered Slaughterhouse
  • 8:52 pm Notre Dame Cathedral Catches Fire After Rave Party

For years, PETA has attacked the Wilmington Blue Rocks and the Frederick Keys with factual and useless information on ‘monkey rodeos’, which are inhumane abuse of animals for entertainment.

Capuchins are gently clothed in cute costumes and placed on equally cute dogs, then the dogs race with the monkeys riding.

Most people have no problem watching cute animals race around, but here at PETA we will scream at anybody and anything if it involves animals going faster than 25 mph.

The monkeys are usually kidnapped shortly after birth, causing great neurotic and self-destructive behaivour. Monkeys suffer with lonliness and depression.

Of course, this is nothing new and has been happening to literally every animal that comes into contact with humans along with most teenage humans, but we don’t like Frederick Keys or the Wilmington Blue Rocks so we used them as the butt of this article.


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